Welcome to Dooneyland™

The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth (PbtA) - 1 Season - Currently in Rotation

Harland Dooney was not your average Iowan farmboy. After witnessing an exhibition during a trip to the 1925 Iowa State Fair that introduced the young man to the world of animated films, he put down his plow and pitchfork and picked up pad and pencil. Four years later, with his belongings on his back and stolen money in his pocket, he slowly made his way towards Hollywood with the dreams of becoming an animator. After three years, however, those dreams had all but dried up when a chance meeting with the Marx Brothers turned young Dooney's fortunes around. The rest, as they say, is history.

Depending on who you ask, though, that history has a few different versions.

Some say Dooney, through hard work, became the greatest animator in the world through hard work, perseverance and a little luck. Others say that underneath that aw-shucks Iowan demeanor lay a cold, calculating, shrewd, heartless predator that stabbed every back he could get a knife into to claw his way to the top. And at least one crackpot writer out there thinks the guy just sold his soul to something that would make the Devil pee his pants. Regardless, Dooney rose to the top and now his characters are beloved the world over and, every year, millions of devout Doonatics make their way to their version of Mecca: Dooneyland.

It's the Most Magical Place Anywhere... even if most of that magic isn't of the fairy godmother sort.

Join Emmeline Holt - cosplayer and Park Entertainment guru, Grayson Westbrook - the world's best/worst park security guard (depending on your point of view), Charles "Chippy" Fisher - Dooneyland's oldest employee in every sense of the phrase, Miss Augusta Cline - a washed-up country-and-western legend using the park to stage her sec... thir... eighth comeback attempt, Carl Snodgrass - Dooneyland's feral fix-it man, and Stephen Moore - a Doonatic living the dream, working the park, and researching one consipracy theory at a time, as they try to keep the park up and running, visitors safe (-ish), and the evil within the park itself under control.

Welcome to Dooneyland™ is run using Christopher Grey's The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth RPG system and is Minionworks™ third podcast that kicked off in August 2017 with new episodes debuting once a month!