Savage Worlds - Limited Series

It is a dark time across the land - the foxlord, Renard, casts a long shadow from his castle across all Four Corners. In the wake of his rule, a perpetual autumn shrouds the land in red and gold. Food rots in fields, but never ripens. Each new moon, the furred folk of the Four Cities send their tithe of youth to his court. Drawing stones from his cauldron, some join his army... and others his larder. In the southern city of Clowdertown, resistance grows. Brought together by the raccoon crime boss, Papa Ringtail, they will strike back at the foxlord's regime so that no more young will march into... Borchardbriar.

Borchardbriar™ is run using the Savage Worlds RPG system and is Minionworks™ fourth podcast that kicked off a limited three-episode run in July 2017!